WMFO DJ Show Quality Control
To make sure station policies are being upheld and that shows are sounding their best, this is a quality control form. If you have any questions, email pd@wmfo.org.
Basic Information
Legal First Name
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Legal Last Name
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Email Address:
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Name of the Show You Reviewed
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Original Air Date of Show
Time of Show You Reviewed
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How long was the show?
Did you listen to the whole show?
Quality Control Analysis
Did the show start on time?
Did any DJs or guests have slurred speech and/or erratic behavior?
Did any DJs or guests claim that they were under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol?
Did any DJs or guests use explicit language?
Were any explicit songs played?
If the show was aired between 6am and 10pm and played explicit music, then this is an infraction.
How many legal station IDs did the DJ miss?
Did any advertisements play during the show?
Did the DJ miss any PSAs?
If there were political conversations, were they properly logged?
If the phones audibly rang, did the DJ answer the phone and handle the call professionally?
Could you audibly hear someone eating?
Were there large chunks of dead air?
Were all the social media pages mentioned in accordance with WMFO Policies?
How professional did the broadcast sound?
Could you hear notification sounds? Was there any dead air? Were volume levels in check and consistent?
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Please give a brief review of the show.
What did you think? What did they do well? What could have been done better?
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Do you agree to email pd@wmfo.org if there is an issue regarding station policies on this show?
Violations warranting emails are for explicit content, ads playing, hearing eating, hearing anyone under the influence, or not answering phones.
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