2019 Hill Country Film Festival Bumper Contest
New for the 2019 Hill Country Film Festival, we are hosting a bumper contest. Bumpers are free to submit, but have strict rules. Up to three bumpers will be selected to play on the big screen at the festival and winners will receive a pair of All Access badges to the 2019 festival, a film submission waiver to the 2020 festival and festival swag.
What is a Bumper?
Our festival bumpers are short films (30 seconds) that end with the Hill Country Film Festival logo. Bumpers are shown before features or blocks of short films and serve as a fun introduction for each screening.
Bumpers are free to submit, but must follow the rules listed below. Bumper submissions that don’t follow all of the rules will be disqualified. Please read carefully:

> Must be under 30 seconds in total runtime

> Must end with the Hill Country Film Festival logo (usage details follow) and hold the logo clearly on-screen for 2 seconds at the end of the bumper (included in the 30 second runtime)

> Must be Hill Country Film Festival inspired - can be live action or animated

> Should not have a credit roll at the end (credits will be listed in the festival program)

> Must ensure sure all music and songs are cleared for use within this competition by the appropriate parties

> Must not include any film/content which contains third party copyrighted material unless you have obtained prior written approval for use in this contest

Logo Usage:
> You may animate elements of the logo as long as the logo appears in its original form for the final two seconds

> It’s okay to super-impose the logo over footage, if appropriate, or for it to appear over empty frames at the end

> If necessary, the logo can change shape (for example, an on-screen element can “morph” into the logo shape, or it can change for other effects like heat or water waves), but be sure that the logo appears fully in its provided form and holds on screen for the final two seconds of the bumper

> You can access the HCFF logo here:

Technical Specifications
Films should be uploaded in their original resolution and aspect ratio.

Ideal Resolutions for file:
2048 x 858 (preferred)
1920 x 1080

Films should be uploaded in either 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 or 30 frames per second, depending on the original frame rate.

Please submit your film in either:
Apple ProRes 422 HQ, h.264/h.265 or DNxHD.

ProRes is highly recommended in order to preserve the highest quality video, but if you cannot deliver in this format, you may use h.264 or h.265 with a minimum video bitrate of 30,000 kbits per second. Please use "High Profile" quality settings when exporting and use “Constant bitrate” over “Variable bitrate”.

AAC at 320 kbit/s at 48kHz is preferred for high quality. We can accept both Stereo or 5.1 surround.

We will accept either QuickTime movie (.mov) format (Preferred) or MPEG 4 (.mp4)

Submission Details
Bumper contest submission deadline - March 1, 2019

Bumpers may not be uploaded to any other public site until the contest and festival have concluded. Please upload your bumper as an UNLISTED/PRIVATE LINK to YouTube or Vimeo and then paste the link below.

Winners will be selected on March 20, 2019. Please note that the Hill Country Film Society and Festival will retain the right to rebroadcast the winning content online, theatrically and in any and all other channels.

By completing the follow form, you agree to requirements listed above and grant the Hill Country Film Festival and Film Society the following:
> Permission to screen your bumper at the festival (if selected), April 25 - 28, 2019
> Permission for photos, stills, highlights or excerpts of your bumper to be placed on the Hill Country Film Festival website and used for other marketing and promotional purposes and agree to allow HCFF to promote the following year's festival with the material listed above.

We look forward to seeing your creativity and hard work - best of luck!

The HCFF Team

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