HeyDenver Volunteer Tester Application--Winter 2018/19
We are currently not taking applications for new testers. We will have another round in the winter of 2018/19. Please feel free to fill out this form in the meantime or check back at a later date! Thank you so much for your interest!
Volunteer Tester Position Details
Denver Colorado AIDS Project / HeyDenver
HeyDenver Prevention Program
1720 N Pearl Street
Denver, CO 80203

This position will be trained to conduct HIV rapid tests and counseling for individuals seeking HIV testing and:
•Provide client centered HIV test counseling, client education, pre and post test counseling and HIV/Hep C screenings by performing rapid finger-stick tests.
•Facilitate urine sample collection for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea screening.
•Make referrals to counseling, groups, STI testing, linkage to care, and community resources when needed.
•Participate in outreach offsite testing, tabling at events, and social networking prevention activities as needed.

Clinical Supervisor: Kat Austin MA, LPC, LAC

Number of testing volunteers selected: 6-8

Hours: Shift availability is based on the program need and will vary week to week. Applicants must be able to commit to volunteering one four hour shift, three times per month. Availability must include some weekends and/or weekday evenings. A one year commitment after training completion is required. Contact Prevention Staff if you have questions regarding hours.

Qualifications required:
oMust be available for in-house training held (usually 4 weekday evenings, 6-9PM. evenings are decided based on group availability).
oMust have an understanding and commitment to the prevention philosophy statement of HeyDenver, as well as a commitment to a sex-positive philosophy, confidentiality, and professionalism.

Volunteer testers must demonstrate the following competencies:
•Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills
•Ability to maintain confidentiality of clients
•Ability to work with individuals from various cultural and social backgrounds
•Negotiation skills
•Attention to detail and ability to work independently
•Skill in eliciting information
•High tolerance to stress and problem solving skills
•Ability to plan and organize work efficiently
•Excellent communication skills and ability to discuss sexuality and behavior without passing judgment
•Open to ongoing learning and self improvement
•A passion for teamwork and camaraderie

Qualifications preferred:
• Prior experience working with diverse populations representing various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds as well as sexual orientations.
• Prior experience working with clients from diverse lifestyles such as men having sex with men and injection drug users.
• Prior experience working with confidential records.
• Prior experience in providing direct services to clients.

Training Required:
1. Must be available for in-house training .
2. AIDS 102 training at Denver Colorado AIDS Project (3 hours)
3. Shadowing current testing staff (15 hours).
4. Successful completion of the self-paced online courses covering topics related to sexually transmitted infections, sex positivity, harm reduction, and supplemental training and reading. (~40 hours)
Ongoing required supervision:
1. Supervision with HeyDenver staff member bimonthly.
2. Group meetings and skill building on a quarterly basis.

Application/Interview process:
Interviews will start: TBD

If you have any questions, please email spencer.spotts@coloradohealthnetwork.org

CONDITIONS OF Volunteering
Background Check: A pre-volunteer criminal background check will be conducted as part of the selection process. Felony convictions or conviction of crimes of moral turpitude or convictions of misdemeanors related to job duties may disqualify you from being considered for this position. Should your background check reveal any charges and convictions, it is your responsibility to provide Denver Colorado AIDS Project with an official disposition of any charges.
Please complete the following questions
Please Complete the basic volunteer application with our head organization found here:
HIV 102 In Person: If you have not already attended HIV 102, please make arrangements to attend the next class. Classes are held Quarterly from 530PM-830PM at DCAP. Please RSVP to this class by emailing Carrie.Hankins@ColoradoHealthNetwork.org and ask for the next available class.
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Why do you want to be a volunteer tester at HeyDenver?
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What are you goals in becoming a volunteer tester?
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What does the Hey Denver philosophy statement mean to you?
'We believe that all people should live healthy sexual lives. We believe that sexuality is an individual experience. We support and advocate for the belief that you are the most qualified to make healthy decisions about your sex life. HeyDenver is a resource designed to help men who have sex with men, and our community members, have healthy fulfilling sex lives.'
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Describe the ideal HIV/STI testing experience that you are facilitating as the test counselor at HeyDenver
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What else should we know about you?
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Would you be willing to test outside of HeyDenver?
What is your typical availability for taking testing shifts?
This will not beheld against you in the selection process. Please be as realistic as possible with what you think your availability will be Winter 2018/19
Are you able to commit to one year with HeyDenver?
Personal Reference
This reference should be able to speak to your work ethic and commitment to previous volunteering experience, work experience, projects of any type, etc. Please provide reference's name, phone number, and your relationship to this reference.
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