RevInMo Intensive Training Courses - REGISTRATION FORM
Thank you for your interest in learning the Revolution in Motion system of movements and exercise sequences developed by Dr. Edythe Heus. Please complete the following prior to the scheduled training date.

A team member will contact you for the payment info to hold your spot -- spaces are limited. Any questions please email

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!

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● LEVEL 1 Course +/- Certification (Unique exercises, sequences, trainer cues, use of balls and other equipment, analysis of movement & RevInMo Essentials)

● LEVEL 2 Course +/- Certification (Further analysis of movement and relation to RevInMo Essentials, planes of movement, role of emotions and mental state. Athletic performance exercises e.g. bosu ball, slideboard, jumpsoles, and custom equipment.)

● LEVEL 3 Course +/- Certification (Intense training in diagnostic skills, mastery in assessing clients, understand gaits movements, and reading people to get past barriers)

● PELVIC FLOOR Course +/- Certification (Exercises for core stability and strength, poise, athletic performance, sexual pleasure, and healing from prior pregnancies or surgeries)

● SENIORS Vitality Course +/- Certification (Designed to teach older adults of any level of fitness, including those with cognitive impairment, to stimulate the brain and improve strength and balance.)

● SPORTS-SPECIFIC Courses (golf, baseball, martial arts, skiing, etc. Please describe in Comments Box)
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