USD 375 Community Needs Assessment
Circle USD 375 is working on a grant application to start a Four Year Old At Risk PreSchool Program. Part of the application process is to send a Needs Assessment to the community. Please answer the following questions.

If you have any questions please contact any of the following administrators.

Don Potter Superintendent 316-536-2577
Misty Gawith COE 316-321-9515
Terri Turner CTE 316-536-2281
Don Coffman CGE 316-315-4000
Rob Leis CBE 316-778-1151

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Do you feel there is a need in our District for a Four Year Old At Risk Preschool? *
Do you have children that would utilize a 4 Year Old At Risk preschool (age 4 by Aug. 31st, 2018) for the 2018-2019 school year?
If yes to the above questions please continue our short survey, if you answered no, you may scroll to the end and submit. Thank you for your input.
Will your child need transportation?
Which elementary would be considered your home school?
To qualify for preschool your child will have to qualify under one of the following criteria.
Poverty: Student qualifies for free lunch program or reduced lunch program on September 20, 2018
Single Parent Family: At the time of enrollment the custodial parent is unmarried
DCF Referral: The reason for referral must describe the need for the child to attend the Pre-K program and be documented and signed by the DCF agent.
Teen Parents: At least one parent was a teen when the child was born.
Either Parent is Lacking a High School Diploma or GED: At the time of enrollment, either parent lacks a high school diploma or GED
Limited English Proficiency: LEP status must be documented. Forms must be in child's file. Process and criteria are found at under Early Learning. ESOL services must be provided by qualified teachers.
Lower Than Expected Developmental Progress in at least one of the following areas... Cognitive Development, Physical Development, Communication/Literacy, Social/Emotional Behavior, Adaptive Behavior/Self Help skills: Based on assessment results the developmental progress of the child as been determined by a trained professional to be lower than typically expected for his/her chronological age, yet above what would be considered eligible for special education services. Scores that fall at or below the 40th percentile indicate 'at risk.'
Student qualifies under migrant status
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