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Bike Easy, working with the City of New Orleans, a coalition of partners, and a whole lot of volunteers have installed a series of biking, walking, and transit renovations to show how our streets can work better for every resident of New Orleans. Over the next two months, we need to help to get feedback from bikers using the network, businesses along the segments, and the community at large about Connect the Crescent as well as gathering some quantitative data to understand how people are using the network.

Sign up to help survey, canvass, and do some counts!

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Business Canvassing - Talk with business owners and employees to get feedback on how they feel about Connect the Crescent. Check all that you can help out for! *
Event Outreach - Survey folks at local community events along our Connect the Crescent network about their experience with the new bike lanes. Check all that you can help out for! *
Manual Counts - Counting the amount and demographics of bikers along each segment of the Connect the Crescent network. *Requires meeting 30 minutes prior to go over the counting process* Check all that you can help out for! *
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