Parents E-safety Questionnaire
What does your child do online at home? Tick all that apply.
What devices does your child use to access the internet? Tick all that apply.
How many hours on average does your child spend online on gaming or social media networking sites in a week?
Do you know the websites and apps that your child uses?
Please select from the list below sites and apps that you know your child is using.
Of these sites and apps, which ones are you familiar with.
Does your child use their device in a family space or private bedroom?
Do you have rules in place to limit the the time your child spends online?
Do you know how to change/check your child's online privacy settings?
Have you checked your child's online privacy settings recently?
Are you aware of how much information your child shares online with their friends?
If your child was accessing unsuitable websites, would you know what to do to prevent this?
If your child was being bullied online, would you know how to resolve this?
Do you know how to remove cyber bullying comments from Facebook and other sites?
Which of the following should you do with unpleasant content sent to your child over the internet? (Choose all that apply)
Do you know what is available to monitor and block inappropriate content?
Do you know what the SMART e-safety rules are?
On a scale of 1-5 (5 being very confident) how do you feel about your current knowledge of e-safety?
Not Confident
Very Confident
How satisfied are you with the level of e-safety information provided by school?
Is there anything specific you'd like to know from the school about e-safety?
Your answer
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