Submissions to the WAC-GO Newsletter
The WAC-GO Newsletter is all about collaboration and conversation among graduate students interested in or working in WAC/WID. Thus, we'd love to hear from you!

Below are descriptions of each newsletter section. If you would like to submit a contribution to any of these sections, simply complete this form by providing your name, email, the section you're interested in, and a brief description of your idea (25-50 words).

Section 1: Engagement with WAC
Is there a topic or trend in WAC/WID you’re particularly interested in? Edify our community by responding to a recent article in a WAC (or related) publication, discuss your own WAC/WID practices, or present an issue you’re facing in your local WAC/WID community. Publication Length: 350-500 words
Section 2: What I'm Working On
Working on a WAC-related project? Share an overview and/or ask a question that will help move your project forward! Publication Length: 150-300 words
Section 3: From the Desk Of
Are you a more experienced WAC/WID scholar-practitioner (or do you work closely with one whom you'd like to recruit)? This section is for your brief pieces of advice for graduate students interested in WAC, an overview of your current administrative or research projects, tips and new strategies for teaching WAC, or a blurb about what you wish you had known as a grad student. Publication Length: 150-300 words
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Section for Contribution
Brief Idea for Contribution (25-50 words)
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