The City of Pickering Public Library Board - Community Book Club Application
Please fill in the following information to be considered for our Community Book Club meeting spaces from September 2019 - June 2020. Please note that space is provided on a year-to-year basis and book clubs must reapply every year. Receiving space in the past does not mean that you will automatically receive the same space in the future. This application process will be revised annually to ensure we are serving our entire community fairly. Special consideration may be given to applications from new book clubs, book clubs for new parents, and book clubs geared to newcomers to Canada to ease and support the start of their community book club journey.

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Community Book Club Application Terms
In order to be considered for Community Book Club Space, you must agree to the following: *
The applicant shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to their book club and shall see that all regulations contained herein are strictly observed. Should you have any immediate concern with a book club participant that must be addressed, please talk to staff in the facility where your book club resides.

If you have any issues or concerns regarding Community Book Clubs please contact:

Jessica Trinier
Client Experience Specialist
Pickering Public Library
905-831-6261 ext. 6261

Kathy Williams
Director of Public Services
Pickering Public Library
905-831-6265 ext. 6251

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