AAC Vocabulary Sets Survey
Thanks for clicking! This 5-minute survey is meant to help collect information for authors of AAC vocabulary/grid/board sets to consider when creating/updating a vocabulary/grid/board set. Many new AAC vendors create vocabulary sets for their systems based on the limited experience of a few individuals, and later have to make changes because of things they didn't understand at first.

Many public resources comparing AAC vocabulary sets are based on opinions or simplified categorization. We have a long-term goal to create an objective framework for vocabulary comparison, and this survey is part of that process. Note that we are NOT trying to find the "best" system, but instead to discover useful metrics and data points that can help users, practitioners and families make more informed decisions when evaluating AAC vocabulary sets.
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What AAC vocabulary/grid/board sets do you encounter on a regular basis?
What are you favorite AAC vocabularies/grid/board sets, and why?
What are your favorite symbol libraries for AAC vocabulary sets (or do you prefer text-only), and why?
Are there any AAC vocabulary sets you discourage people from using, and why?
Are there any things you have seen AAC vocabulary set authors do that you think are particularly notable or impressive?
Are there any disability or demographic-specific characteristics that you feel have a significant influence on AAC vocabulary set selection?
What grid sizes have you seen yourself/communicators succeeding with long-term?
If you have evaluated a new AAC vocabulary set recently, are there any things you felt the author forgot to consider when creating their vocabulary?
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