Section 2 Athletics- Sportsmanship Disqualification Appeal Form
Sportsmanship Appeal

The intent of the NYSPHSAA Sportsmanship Rule is to penalize acts of unsportsmanlike conduct. We as educators, should not be looking for ways to circumvent the ideals of this rule. Therefore, appeals of disqualifications for unsportsmanlike behavior will NOT be considered unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances.
If, upon consultation with the coach, the Athletic Director feels that the athlete or coach was ejected unfairly or that there are extreme extenuating circumstances, then the appeal procedure may be initiated by the Principal of the offending school. The Appeal Form shall be sent to the Chair of the Sportsmanship Committee within forty-eight (48) hours of the incident. Only appeals from the Principal of the involved schools will be heard.
The Appeal Form should include the basis of the appeal and per the Section 2 Constitution as it relates to “extreme extenuating circumstances.”
If additional information is needed by the Sportsmanship Committee, the Chair will contact the necessary parties. A decision by the Sportsmanship Committee will be made within forty-eight (48) hours of the appeal if at all possible. The offending player or coach may continue to play or coach during the appeal process. Decisions of the Sportsmanship Committee are final, subject to the rules of the NYSPHSAA.

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*If a DQ form was not filed within one (1) working day, the right to appeal has been forfeited.
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Disclaimer: The High School Principal at the school filing the the appeal has approved the submission of this Disqualification Appeal form to Section 2 of the NYSPHSAA, Inc. ******Without this disclaimer the appeal will not move forward***** *
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