Champaign Urbana Jaycees TOYP Nomination
The Champaign Urbana Jaycees will select up to two individuals to be nominated to the Illinois Jaycees "The Outstanding Young Persons" (TOYP) Award Program. The Champaign Urbana Jaycees will assist the nominees we select with the application to the Illinois Jaycees. Nominations are due to the CU Jaycees by December 15, 2019.

In 2018, the Champaign Urbana had two local honorees: Salvo Rodriquez of the United Way and Nicole Bridges Musumeci of Prosperity Gardens.

Each year, The Outstanding Young Persons awards program recognizes up to ten individuals between the ages of 18 and 40 who exemplify the best attributes of young people from across Illinois. Honorees reflect the vast diversity of young people that are making a difference in their community – whether they get involved through business, nonprofit and community organizations, or government service.

Young men and women may be nominated in one of the following ten categories:
1. Business, economic, and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment
2. Political, legal, and/or governmental affairs
3. Academic leadership and/or accomplishment
4. Cultural achievement
5. Moral and/or environmental leadership
6. Contribution to children, world peace, and/or human rights
7. Humanitarian and/or voluntary leadership
8. Scientific and/or technological development
9. Personal improvement and/or accomplishment
10. Medical innovation

Those selected by the Illinois Jaycees will be awarded at the TOYP Ceremony on May 2,, 2020 at the Springfield Wyndham Downtown. Honorees will be guests of the Illinois Jaycees for that day and night.

Any questions, contact the Champaign Urbana Jaycees at
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Explain how the nominee exemplifies the principle expressed in the following line of the JCI Creed,“That service to humanity is the best work of life.” *
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