Brat Days 2019 Marketplace Vendor Application

Brat Days takes place Friday, August 2 – Saturday, August 3, 2019 at Kiwanis Park in Sheboygan, WI

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•Vendors have the option of selling in the Marketplace Friday, August 2 and/or Saturday, August 3
•Security will be on the grounds during open hours and over night
•Set-up: Friday will begin at 3pm, Saturday will begin at 8am (1 hour prior to opening)
•Marketplace hours: Friday 4pm-9pm and Saturday 9am-9pm
•Booth size: 10’ x 10’, booths larger than this will have to pay for additional space
•Rental Fee is $80 per space, whether you set up only one day or both days. All rental fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
•Vendors must provide their own lighting, electricity, tables, chairs, coverings, insurance, etc.
•Each vendor will get one (1) parking pass per paid booth
•Partners/additional sellers must complete a separate copy of this application
•Due to location on the grounds, vendors will be allowed to pull up to unload their merchandise, but MUST park before setting anything up in their space.
•Vendors may choose to leave early on Saturday, but may not drive their vehicles onto the grounds to do so. Materials must be carried or carted back to the vendors parking area conveniently located behind the Marketplace.
•View the map of grounds at

►ALL applications with payment must be received by Friday, July 12, 2019. No exceptions will be made!

If you have ANY questions please contact

Space Rental Agreement
I, duly authorized representative of the undersigned company, partnership, or individual, on behalf of the said company or partnership, subscribe and agree to all the terms and conditions/guidelines, authorizations, and covenants contained in the this Space Rental Agreement. I also agree not to hold The Sheboygan Jaycees or the City of Sheboygan (collectively “Event Organizers”) or any of its affiliates responsible for any accidents, theft, or damage to me or my products. Guidelines:
1. Event Organizers reserve the right to inspect all displays and vendor agrees to immediately remove any merchandise that the Event Organizers consider inappropriate or misrepresented. NO REFUND will be given to vendors who are asked to leave.
2. All vendors must supply their own tables, chairs, and lighting.
3. All vendors are responsible for their own insurance.
4. All booths must have table coverings that cover all tops of the tables and go at least ¾ way to the ground.
5. Only ONE vendor per booth, unless arranged PRIOR to the show, and included in this SPACE RENTAL AGREEMENT.
6. All booths must be free of garbage and cleaned by the vendor prior to leaving each day.
7. Applications are juried and only ONE VENDOR PER BUSINESS TYPE will be accepted. However, three jewelry vendors will be accepted due to popular demand.
Vendor Information
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Mailing address (street, city, state, zip) *
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Provide a detailed description of your business and the items you plan to display. *
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Do you hold a valid seller’s permit? If yes, provide the number here. If no, state if is it due to not being required to hold a seller’s permit because either: (1) Your retail product sales are not subject to tax, i.e. Food or Non-Profit or (2) You sell on behalf of a Direct Sales Business (i.e. Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Avon, etc.) *
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Each booth space is for a 10’ x 10’ spot. Rental fee is $80 per space, whether you setup only one day or both days. All rental fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. When will you setup? *
You are required to provide a photo of your booth for jurying purposes. If you have a photo on your website, Facebook page, etc. please provide the link here. If you prefer to email the photo, state that you will be emailing it then send it to after you have submitted this application. *
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(Optional) If you have a location request or other comments, please enter that info here.
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Payment Instructions
►$80 x Number of 10' x 10' spaces = TOTAL DUE $_________________

To submit your payment via mail, make the check payable to "The Sheboygan Jaycees Foundation" and it send to:
Brat Days Marketplace
PO Box 561
Sheboygan, WI 53082

To submit your entry fee via PayPal follow these instructions:
1. Go to and login to your account
2. In the menu bar select “Send & Request”
3. In “Send money to” enter
4. Enter the dollar amount to send
5. Use the option for "Sending to a friend" to ensure that a we are not charged a fee.
6. Add a note that states "Brat Days Marketplace" along with your business name
7. For "How do you want to pay?" be sure to use your PayPal balance or a bank account. Do not use a credit card because of the fee.
8. Click "Send" and you're all done!

How will you submit your payment? *
The above statements are certified to be correct to the best knowledge and belief of the undersigned. I certify that I have read and understand the Brat Days Marketplace Space Rental Agreement. *
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ALL applications with payment must be received by Friday, July 12, 2019 at 5:00 pm. No exceptions will be made!
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