Rhodes To Strength Client Application
Hey thanks for your interest in online training with Rhodes To Strength! This application helps me determine if working with me will be a good fit for both of us.

Most of my clients are active ambitious women who want to get leaner and stronger.

My services focuses on helping you lose weight, trim off inches, and reduce bodyfat without dieting or doing unsustainable exercise routines.

Prices start at $390/month for my 120-day transformation packages. Please fill out the application below in as much detail so I can help determine the best package suited for your needs.

After I receive your application you will hear from me within 24 hours on the next steps.

- Candace
Founder, Rhodes To Strength
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What is your favorite dessert? Mine is tiramisu.
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What have you tried in the past to reach your goals? (example - "I've tried managing my diet but it was difficult. I tried whole30 and have also tried calorie counting but had trouble seeing the results I wanted.") *
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