2022 Cheyenne Frontier Days Marching Band Application
Dear Band Director:

As Parade Committee Chairman I am pleased to extend this very special invitation to your band to participate in the 126th Annual Cheyenne Frontier Days™, July 23–31, 2022. Our four downtown parades are special, and we would consider it a honor to have your band with us for our Celebration in July.

Enclosed are an application and some additional parade information. Should you decide to attend the “Daddy of ‘em All” please complete the application as soon as possible. If you need more information or any further assistance, please contact us:

Email: marching.bands@cfdrodeo.com
Phone: (307) 778-7200

Again, we would be pleased to have you join us for the 126th Annual Cheyenne Frontier Days™.

Ruthanne Hubbard
Parades Chairman
Cheyenne Frontier Days, Inc.
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Our Parades are scheduled for Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday mornings

1. In order to keep the integrity of the parade and for safety, the following MUST be observed: Bands, including flag corps,
MUST maintain a normal step cadence of 120 STEPS/MINUTE throughout the entire parade route. NO DRILLS, HALF
TO PLAY OR PERFORM, are permitted, especially in turning or cornering. This is a MUST due to the large number of
horse-drawn carriages, horses, and mounted personnel participating and for the SAFETY of all. (Failure to follow these
rules could lead to exiting the parade at a parade marshal’s request and or withholding the amount specified in Rule #9

2. Each of the four parades begins at 9 a.m. SHARP.

3. The parades begin in front of the State Capitol Building on 24th and Capitol Avenue. The band staging area is on the
north lawn of the State Supreme Court Building, directly south, and across from the State Capitol. Please be in the
staging area, NO LATER THAN 8:15 A.M.

will be sent in final package.) Please make sure your drivers are aware of this.

5. The length of the parade route is approximately 1.5 miles.

6. Because of the large numbers of horses in the parade area, we advise that if your unit marches to (unless you want to
walk) the staging area from buses, your cadence should be only with drumsticks on the rim of your snares. Once in the
staging area you may resume full percussion rehearsal. There is a DANGER AREA in the vicinity of the parade cannon.
(Identified on map in final package). Please DO NOT stay in this area.

7. Upon arrival at the staging area, a parade official will greet you and assign you a parade position. At this time, you
will also be given rodeo tickets, if you desire. This goes more smoothly if you have a ready total of band members,
chaperones, etc. The rodeo begins at 12:45 p.m. at Frontier Park and lasts until approximately 3:30 p.m.

8. Upon entering the parade route, please try to maintain a 75 - 100 foot gap with the unit in front of you.

9. Your band will be compensated for participation unless designated differently by the Parade Committee, and given a very special beautiful commemorative participation plaque.

10. If your band would like to perform a routine, or concert, at the conclusion of the parade, you may do so in the area
adjacent to the west end of the State Capitol Building.

11. Admission to the carnival and rodeo is available to everyone in your organization, at no charge, for the days you are here. (Because of the limited seating at the rodeo we need to know the number of those that will attend. Any unused seats will be made available to the general public.)

12. Medical assistance is available throughout the entire parade route, as well as at the end of the parade.


14. Personnel will direct you off the street at the end of the parade.

15. A foot marshal under the direction of the Parade Committee will accompany the band throughout the parade route. This Person can assist the band director if any problems arise, and to insure that the directions in Rule #1 are followed.

Should your band decide to participate in the Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade, we will assure you plenty of hospitality and a good time. We do have some limitations and hopefully, this letter will answer some of the questions you might have. More specific information is available from our Band Assistant, Chuck Shafer at marching.bands@cfdrodeo.com.

The Cheyenne Frontier Days Committee has arranged for sleeping accommodations for bands in our senior and junior high schools. These are gymnasium type facilities. Schools will have separate sleeping rooms for boys and girls, if possible. You may use the gym locker room for showers and washing, but you must provide soap, towels and bedding. We suggest that you bring bedrolls and air mattresses. If you decide to participate we need to make reservations for your accommodations as early as possible. Laramie County School District #1 will require proof of liability insurance to use their facility. Notifications will be sent advising you of where accommodations will be and the person to contact upon your arrival in Cheyenne. Most bands come via chartered or school bus. There is no local bus service and we are not able to provide transportation. To avoid any overtime charges by the local school district, please plan to arrive at your assigned school in Cheyenne before 2 p.m.

Meals are the responsibility of each band. There are a multitude of fast food establishments, pizza houses and restaurants in the community.

Free pancake breakfasts are available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. The USAF Thunderbirds perform on
Wednesday morning. And yes, we do have a shopping mall. The Terry Bison Ranch, located about 11 miles south of Cheyenne provides tours, restaurant & shops. If interested, contact them at (307) 634-4171. The following areas are within an easy drive from Cheyenne: Denver, 95 miles; Estes Park, 90 miles: Snowy Range, 70 miles; Rocky Mountain National Park, 100 miles; Vedauwoo Park, 30 miles west of Cheyenne on Interstate 80 and Ft. Laramie, 100 miles. Hayrides etc. are available from the Diamond Guest Ranch, approximately 45 minutes north of Cheyenne, on I-25. Contact them at (307) 422-3567.

Unless the bus drivers are going to stay with the band, their bus company, or travel agency, must make their sleeping arrangements. This should be done as the earliest possible time, prior to your arrival, as motels and hotels are usually full by Frontier Days.
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