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(0) This page isn't to list online-only learning / coding platforms, but primarily for full curriculum + professional development partners.

(1) If you offer courses at many grade levels, make SEPARATE submissions for Elementary, Middle, and High School. However, please only one submission for each band. (if you have multiple high school offerings, submit only once).

(2) We aren't really looking to add more online/after-school listings, and we especially won't include them if you're already listed as an in-school offering

(3) Don't be aggressive in over-selling your offering. We're going to edit/review these anyway, make our lives easier

(4) Keep it short, like the examples provided. Don't make us work extra hard to edit down your writing

(5) Write in the 3rd person.


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Submit ONLY one answer per grade-band. If you submit for an in-school offering, don't bother re-submitting an after-school offering.
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Please provide a direct link to where we can find the curriculum for the grade band you're submitting for. If the curriculum requires payment or specific authorization to access, please provide an account we can use to access
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