Half sibling or aunt/uncle or grandparent?
Kitty Cooper is collecting DNA data to see if there is any way to tell the difference between these relationships, all of which are expected to be about a 25% match. Your responses are appreciated. Please round your answers to non-decimal numbers.

The best way to collect this data is to load the chromosome browser numbers for the one to one match into a spreadsheet, sort by cMs, then delete off the lines with less than 7cMs and with any X chromosome matches. Now sum the cMs and answer the questions below.

If you tested at ancestry then you can still answer most of the questions from the data shown on your match page when you click on the little 'i' in a black circle next to "Confidence" but I prefer you use the data from GEDmatch

Where tested *
Known Relationship *
Total cM shared (preferably only segments > 7cM and excluding the X) *
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Total number of segments *
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Both from an endogamous group (Ashkenazi, Mennonite, Polynesian, etc)?
How many entire chromosomes match? (that is a match for the full length of a chromosome)
Size of largest segment
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2nd largest segment if known
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3rd largest segment
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4th largest segment
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Which side is the relationship on?
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