Casual Cat Charities Volunteer Interest Form
Please fill out the following information in order to sign up to be a volunteer with Casual Cat Charities, the non-profit corporation dedicated to the care and well being of rescue cats at The Casual Cat Cafe. Once you submit the form we will contact you to let you know when our next volunteer orientation will be and additional steps to take. Thank you!
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Information about volunteer duties and expectations:
- Chores you may be asked to do include: 1. scooping manual litter boxes and changing litter robot bags, 2. washing dishes/bowls, 3. refilling food and water bowls, 4. changing bedding and towels in kitten cages, 5. sweeping and mopping, 6. checking the lounge for any overnight 'accidents'. 7. socializing cats and updating photos and information on them 8. anything else needed to keep the cat areas clean or for the well being of the cats

- Volunteers need to check in with the employee on duty at the beginning of their shift

- All shifts will start with cleaning task first and once all cleaning is done move to tasks such as socializing, photo taking, and updating cat information etc. with the exception of the final shift of the day. For that shift volunteers are expected to stay for closing tasks which will start occurring in the last hour we are open.

- Volunteer shifts are 2 hours long and volunteers are expected to stay as long as needed for cleaning tasks. If all cleaning is done and the volunteer does not or cannot stay the full two hours they may leave early.

- Volunteers must exercise caution and care in their duties and follow all normal cat cafe rules to avoid injury.

- Please be respectful of the staff's time and that they may be busy with Cafe duties and not available to chat during your volunteer window. To reduce financial strain on the cafe, staff need to be able to have all closing chores done and clock out as close to closing as possible. This makes the last volunteer shift of the day crucial to help meet that time deadline.

- Once you sign up for a volunteer slot you are expected to fulfill that duty. No shows mean someone else was not able to take that time slot and puts more on the staff assigned during that day. A volunteer who no-shows a total of 3 times in one year may be removed from the volunteer listing and not allowed to volunteer in the future. If you sign up and need to cancel, you must contact The Casual Cat Cafe within 24 hours of your shift to not be considered a 'no-show'.

- Volunteers enjoy free entry into the cat lounge during their 2 hour shift assigned. If a volunteer would like to come in on a day they are not assigned to volunteer, the normal entry price will be charged to them.

- Only an approved person can volunteer for shifts for Casual Cat Charities. An approved volunteer is a person who has had the volunteer sign-up sheet shared with them by The Casual Cat Cafe or Casual Cat Charities and is in good standing. Approved volunteers may not share the google doc link with others or bring in other individuals for free entry during their volunteer shift. With the exception of minors volunteering who must be accompanied by 1 adult assisting in all volunteer tasks. All other persons accompanying volunteers into the cat lounge must purchase an entry ticket.

- The above information and rules are subject to change at anytime and it is the responsibility of the volunteer to stay up to date on current information. Failure to abide by The Casual Cat Cafe or Casual Cat Charity rules may result a volunteer being removed from the volunteer program.

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