Oak Grove #68 Bullying Report
Bullying is defined as any kind of ongoing and/or severe physical or verbal mistreatment where there may be an imbalance of power. A power difference usually exists between the bully and the victim. Aggressive behavior or bullying is any behavior that may subject a student to insults, taunts or challenges whether verbal or physical in nature (either isolated or repeated behavior), which are likely to intimidate and/or provoke a violent or disorderly response from the student being treated in this matter.

The main types of aggressive behaviors may be but are not limited to:
Physical: hitting, kicking, grabbing, spitting, slapping, etc.
Verbal: name calling, racist remarks, put-downs, extortion, threats, etc.
Indirect: spreading rumors, wearing or possessing items depicting or implying hatred or prejudice, exclusion from peer group, taking and hiding/destroying other's papers, and/or possessions, etc.
Written: threatening e-mail, notes, graffiti, threatening statements posted on social networks or other electronically etc.

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