Volunteer Orientation Sign-up Form

All new volunteers will need to attend our volunteer training session prior to beginning any volunteer work with Animals Taiwan. We also, welcome existing volunteers to attend to reacquaint with AT policies, procedures, and animal care.

The orientation will not only provide information to ensure the safety of our volunteers and animals, but will also teach the proper techniques on how to care and interact with the animals at the rescue centre.

Please complete the form below to sign-up to attend an orientation.

1. We will send you a confirmation email at least 72 hours prior to orientation with the full details/address of Animals Taiwan. You must respond to the email within 48 hours to confirm your attendance or your spot it will be reassigned to a waitlisted volunteer.

2. All attendees must bring their photo ID, and prepare $350NT for the orientation fee. (Includes processing and an Animals Taiwan Team T-shirt).

3. Everyone under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian sign-up to attend the orientation together and future volunteer events. Each guardian or parent can bring two children.

4. Only volunteers who have signed up to attend the orientation are allowed to join. All individuals who were not confirmed to attend will be turned away.

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