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What is essential in a home to you? *
A library/workspace
Family pictures and a good kitchen
Beautiful art and other things to make it look nice/ aesthetically pleasing
A cozy space that is nice to live in, maybe with fresh flowers
Plants/being close to nature
Likes candles and other trinkets but doesn’t have a lot of visitors
Having everything tidy and impressive to visitors
What you did as a young child? *
From the age you could, you read, color, and learning
You played with dolls
Always playing dress up
You quietly played by yourself
You liked playing outside and with animals
You had friends (maybe imaginary) and animals to play with
You played “house” like games
What are your strengths? *
You are smart and can help people out with your wisdom
You can talk to people and help them feel better/ comfort them
Everyone likes you and you can talk to anybody
You actually like housework, it is meditative
You are strong willed and always accomplish your goals
You are always there for your friends, and quietly aid them, You may also be spiritually adept
 What are your favorite hobbies? *
Reading and crafting, listening to lectures and politics
Giving advice to friends and helping them out
Making, or collecting, or viewing/watching Art, especially theatrical/dance, and socializing
Being alone, cooking, reading
Hiking, gardening, being in nature recharges me
Reading, journaling, tending to plants, daydreaming
I love cooking special meals and treats for my partner, I like creating a pinterest perfect life.
 Social life *
I am social, and prefer hanging out with men, and using my intellect
I am NOT a fan of large social gatherings, and would rather spend time with close friends and family
I love social occasions and parties and am always the center of attention
I am a homebody, introverted and would rather stay at home reading, making bread, or sitting by a fireplace (if I have one)
I don’t really enjoy parties, I feel restless there. I will hang out in the company of women.
I am very shy, and will only really talk to one person at a time, but I am a great listener!
I am social and love parties and gala’s, but I love hosting events even more, and having the best events in the neighborhood/work/community.
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