NEA-Retired Delegate Nomination Form for the 2022-23 NEA-Retired Annual Meeting/NEA-RA
• The NEA-Retired Annual Meeting/NEA-Representative Assembly will be held in Chicago, Illinois (2022) & Orlando, Florida (2023).
• Nominees must be retired and not hold a contract with a public school district.
• Nomination forms must be completed online by Monday, Jan. 31, 11:59 PM.
• Nominees must agree to attend all sessions.
• All nominations must have the consent of the nominee. Self-nomination is acceptable.
• Delegates are elected to serve for two years.
• Nominees may submit a candidate statement/biography of 50 words or less and a picture. The statement and picture will be included in addition to the online ballot.
• Email the statement and picture by Monday, Jan. 31, 2022 to Diane Kanda at You will then receive a confirmation email with a copy of the NEA-RA/NEA-Retired Annual Meeting Delegate Candidates Campaign Regulations.

*Mailed copies of the statement and picture will not be accepted, and statements containing more than 50 words will only have the first 50 words printed.

I nominate the following WEA-RETIRED member to be a delegate to the 2022 and 2023 NEA-Retired Annual Meeting/NEA-Representative Assemblies.

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DELEGATE FUNDING: WEA-Retired delegates are considered WEA state delegates to the NEA-RA. Flights, lodging at the state assigned hotel, meal allowance, and an incidentals allowance (transportation) is paid by WEA. WEA-Retired pays for expenses during the NEA-Retired Annual Meeting which includes transportation to the assigned hotel (taxi), lodging, and meal allowance. WEA-Retired Board of Directors approved a policy June 8, 2011, regarding the funding of delegates to the NEA-Retired Annual Meetings/NEA Representative Assemblies. WEA-Retired is eligible to send 7 delegates and, in accord with that policy, if WEA-Retired leadership determines that WEA-Retired cannot afford to fully fund 7 delegates to the NEA-Retired Annual Meetings/NEA Representative Assemblies, there will be some out-of-pocket expenses. Please check one of the following statements: *
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