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Does the Runner select the correct size bag for orders to go? *
Does the Runner place Fries/Hash Browns facing up in the bag? *
Does the Runner use condiment bags for orders to go. Leaving the condiment bag outside the paper bag. *
Does the Runner meet the order assembly time target? (12-16) Seconds *
Does the Runner stay at the present area until the customer picks up the order for orders to go? *
Does the Runner make eye contact, smile and thank the customer when presenting the order? *
For Table Service: Does the Runner thank the customer, make sure they have straws and napkins or desired condiments. *
For Table Service: Does the Runner look for opportunities to take trays from customers who are done eating. Also asking how their meal was today. *
Can the runner assemble multiple orders at the same time looking ahead to start McCafe', Shakes or assemble a simple order quickly. *
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