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First of all, thanks for your support!. This project wouldn't have been possible without you.

In this 4 years we've evolved and polished the software in terms of usability, compatibility and features with your constant feedback. We do still have a big backlog and some things are already finished and we are just waiting for some formal requirements to release them :D

However, producing the Armiga is not easy. This project started as a side project, moved by the spirit of achieving something that some told was impossible. The great reaction of the public made us invest our own money in starting the company and the production. It has been kept in low volume and with intensive hand work. Last year we struggled at some moments because of peaks in demand, as we reached and even exceeded our production capabilities. This is not a side project anymore and requires much more time than we expected.

Early this year we had to make a decision based on the results from 2017: take a mayor leap in industrialisation and increase the volumen, which will require our full dedication, or stop making the hardware altogether.

This, however, is not the end of the project, just the production. The software and support will go on on our side. In addition, we are open to individuals or companies with the "industrial muscle" to join the project and handle the production and distribution side. May you be interested, or know someone that might be, don't hesitate in contacting us back :D
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