L4FA 2020 Summer Camp
2020 Virtual Summer Camp - Experienced teachers and GT junior/senior young tutors will bring kids enriched programs in Chinese/Math/English this Summer.
Targeted students: Elementary School students

Daily Schedule:
9-9:50 am Chinese Culture/Craft/Master piece
10-10:50 am Math (problem solving strategies + practice) + English (spelling/reading/writing) (5 days math; 5 days English in a 2-week session) - Group learning per grade
11:00-11:30 am Free story telling

For math and English, students will be grouping per their level. 6-10 kids each group.

2-week Chinese+Math/English tuition fee $180
2-week Chinese tuition fee $100
2-week Math/English tuition fee $100
Siblings 10%off

Registration: $10/child; $15/family

Please PayPal to L4FAINFO@GMAIL.COM (plus add $3- $5 processing fee if business is selected)

For more information, please email L4FAINFO@GMAIL.COM. Thank you!
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