漆藝研習:拭漆椀筷 Lacquer Art Atelier: Fuki-Urushi on Woodware Apr 2023

拭漆 Fuki-urushi在日本漆藝上是指在木器表面塗上生漆,等到生漆充分滲入木料後再拭去多餘的漆料,待乾燥之後進行研磨,接著再重複來上另一層漆。拭漆可使木器更耐用,流露木紋的自然美。


4月15日、4月22日及 4月29日(週六)共三課
時間:11am - 1pm
導師:何嘉文 Danny Ho
語言 : 廣東話 (英語輔助)
學費: 早鳥優惠學費每人HK$1,895* 在4月1日或之前報名或二人同行
* 在4月1日後報名,標準費用HK$2,150 (費用包括拭漆原裝材料、工具和木胎。)

共三節研習班上會完成器物:2雙木筷子 及 2隻木椀

把天然漆反覆地塗在木胎體表面上,經蔭乾、打磨、裝飾,每個工序都有其學問及趣味。 課程會提供一份拭漆木皿套裝 Fuki-Urushi Kit包含天然漆、優質櫸木胎,正宗日本素材及完整齊全的工具:

2雙木筷子 23 cm
2隻木椀直徑 11 厘米
紙5 張
塑料手套 × 6 雙
砂紙 # 800目 x 2

Fuki-urushi (urushi means natural lacquer in Japanese) refers to a method of lacquering which thin coating of lacquer is applied evenly on the wood surface to highlight natural beauty of the grains. Participants will have hands-on experience with using authentic lacquer materials and methods and applying them to wood-ware. They can become everyday tableware. 

Participants will be able to complete 2 pairs of wooden chopsticks and 2 wooden bowls in this 3-session workshop involving a process of lacquering, polishing and decoration. The workshop fee includes a Fuki-Urushi Kit with natural lacquer, high-quality Japanese Keyaki wood substrates, along with tool kits and materials all from Japan. We will share practical information from books and references, to tools and materials, and stories behind masters and artisans.

Date: 15, 22, 29 April 2023 (Saturdays); 3 sessions in total
Time: 11am - 1pm
Venue: Shop 102, 1/F, Barrack Block, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
Instructor: Danny HO Ka Man
Language: Cantonese (Supplemented with English)
Workshop fee: Participants who register in a group of 2 or more will be offered a discount price of HK$1,895 for each participant. Standard workshop fee is HK$2,150.
(Workshop fee includes Fuki-Urushi Kit, Tools and Wooden Bowls and chopsticks)
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導師:  何嘉文


Instructor: Danny HO Ka Man

Graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Canada, HO Ka Man is a self-taught lacquer artist based in Hong Kong. He came across lacquer making through Chinese tea culture and Japanese kintsugi, an art of repairing ceramics with natural lacquer and gold powder.  He was fascinated by the plasticity, moldability of the medium and also the durability and diversity in tactile impression of the end result.

In creating lacquerware, he utilises the traditional lacquer technique, bodiless and formless in particular and creates sculptural objects and utensils in a modern context. He firmly believes in the importance of continuity of this unique Asian medium, and wishes to explore its variability through making of daily utensils.

1. 身體敏感:使用生漆過程中,漆酚是生漆主要的成分,可能會引起過敏反應。課程中或會使用少量樟腦油,患有蠶豆症者,報名前請評估身體狀況。
2. 颱風及暴雨警告:一般而言,如天文台於上午8:00或之後懸掛或仍懸掛8號或以上風球、紅色暴雨或黑色暴雨警告,課程將會取消,將另安排日子補課。
3. 缺席: 若學員未能完成課程或缺席,主辦機構恕不安排退款。 我們可儘量提供技術支援指導,務求協助學員趕上進度。

- 課程主要引導學員通過漆藝,深入了解漆的特性及製作過程,並體驗當中漆藝的部分基本工序製作技巧。
- SOIL 土壤文創保留研習班內容的版權及修訂的權利。


1. Allergy: When applying lacquer, Urushiol is the main component in lacquer, which may cause irritation. Small amount of camphor oil may also be used, people with G6PD deficiency should assess their own physical situation before registration.

2. Typhoon and rainstorm warning: In case Typhoon 8, Red or Black rainstorm signal is announced at or after 8:00am, the session on that day will be cancelled and rescheduled to another date.

3. Absent: In case the participant could not complete or absent on the sessions, refund will not be arranged. We will provide as much guidance as possible to keep all participants in same progress.
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