B3. 喔! 音樂可以這樣賣喔? /Make a music business like a pro- how to sell subscription to live music consumers?
地點: B.B.ART (台南市中西區民權路二段48號)
日期:11.11 週六
入場方式: 需報名,現場付費 50元整( 三日聯票手環及單日票卷免費入場)

B3 喔! 音樂可以這樣賣喔?
這是一個充滿著免費享受的世代,需要付費才能享受的年代不在。現代消費者的幸運卻也是創作人的噩夢,但是上有聽不完的免費音樂,下有新興商業模式來應對。我們邀請了荷比盧的音樂媒體和重要的獨立音樂策展公司 “Subbacultcha” 來跟我們分享他們如何運用會員制的商業模式經營音樂現場產業。而消費者為何買單? 一起來聽魔鬼細節在哪裡。
講者: Herlinde Raeman- Subbacultcha (比利時)

Location: B.B.ART (No. 48, Section 2, Minquan Road, West Central District, Tainan City, 70050)
DATE: 11.11 (SAT)
TIME: 13:00-14:00
Entrance: NTD 50, registration required (free entrance with 3 day-pass or 1 day pass on 11.11)

This is an era filled with free entertainment. The era of paid forms of entertainment is at an end. What is now the modern consumer’s dream is also the producer’s nightmare. However, facing the challenge of unlimited free music, an emerging business model has arisen. We invite the media and important Indie music curatorial company—Subbacultcha from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, to share their experiences on how to implement the membership business model in the live music industry, and to understand the question of why consumers are willing to pay for their music? Let’s see what their secrets are.
講者: Herlinde Raeman- Subbacultcha (Belgium)

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