Report a violation of the mySociety Code of Conduct
We are extremely sorry that you experienced or observed an upsetting or unpleasant incident while participating in an activity with mySociety. We'd like to know more about it, so that we can work to ensure that such incidents don't happen again.

There is no obligation to identify yourself on this form, but if you would like us to respond, please include your name and email address.

Inputs to this form are monitored on an ongoing basis. There is no time limit for making your report.

You may also speak to any member of the mySociety team during an event.

mySociety's Code of Conduct can be seen at:

Your information will not be shared beyond mySociety's small Code of Conduct team. After an event we may put out a Code of Conduct report which will refer to any incidents but only in abstract terms and never by identifying participants.

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Details of the incident *
Please give as much information as you can, including exactly what happened, and (if relevant) the place and time, or links to online abuse. You may, but do not have to, provide details of any person who was responsible for this incident. This information will not be shared beyond the Code of Conduct team.
What would you like the outcome of this report to be?
For example: Removal of the perpetrator from an event; warning sent to perpetrator that their behaviour is unacceptable; removal of offensive or upsetting tweet; no action to be taken, etc.
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