APP Infinite Possibilities
*All DJ's, Hosts and MODs must be over 90 days old to apply.
*All Sections of this Application must be filled in.
* ALL MODs must have discord & Facebook.
* All DJ's must be able to DJ with no host.
* All DJ's must talk and take requests unless you are a live mix DJ.
* We do not accept applicants that own or manage another club.
* Hosts must type to vips not just gestures, has to be able to do notices and fill-ins.
Infinite Possibilities
***What is your sl user name so we can contact you? Please make sure to include full name so we can find you!*** *
Question 1: What position are you applying for? *
Question 2: Are you currently working? If so where and what times? What club/s have you worked at? *
Question 3: What is your secondlife birthday? Are you over 18 years old in real life? ALL Staff must be ADULT in SL & RL to work here *
Question 4: Do you have discord or skype? If not are you willing to download it? *
Question 5: What Country and Time zone are you in? *
Question 6: What is your primary language and what others do you speak? *
Question 7: On a scale from 1 to 10 how reliable are you? *
Question 8: What days/hours are you available to work? Please give EXACT SL Times and Days and be sure to specify AM or PM. *
Question 9: How many years or months have you been doing the position your applying for? *
Question 10: Please check all boxes that apply to you. *
Question 11: Why do you want to work here? *
Question 12: How did you hear about us? *
Question 13: What days and times are good for an interview? *
Question 14: Please list 3 references. *
DJs Please add stream here
Our staff will contact you in 24-48 hours after your submission. We are closed on Sunday's so if an application is submitted on a Sunday, management will look at it once we open again. We appreciate your interest in the Infinite Possibilities. DJ's you will be asked to audition meaning you need three songs and a request. If you do voice overs we require that as well.
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