PIP Event Planner
Thank you so much for your interest in joining our team. Due to number of applications, we are no longer accepting applications.

I already submitted my application. When can I expect a response?
Once you apply, your resume will be reviewed by our board chair on May 23rd. Our hiring team will meet on May 24th to select those candidates to continue on to the next round of interviews.

If you don't hear back from us on the 24th, two things could be happening: first, based on the competitive candidate pool as well as the qualities our board is looking for, you may not have made it past their initial screening. It doesn't mean we won't consider you again in the future but we simply can't respond to each and every applicant at this stage. Second, it does take some time to hire for this position, so we ask for your patience. Although your excitement about working with our small but mighty team is exactly what we like to see in candidates, we genuinely don't have the bandwidth to get back to each applicant.

Our hiring team will reach out on May 24th to schedule an initial phone interview with those candidates proceeding on to the next round. Candidates who enter this stage will have much more communication directly from our team.

Thank you again for considering the position and for your interest in PIP!

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