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Trees for Schools aims to get more tree infrastructure into schools alongside teaching staff and students on the importance of trees and tree care. It goes beyond simply planting the tree, the maintenance and care of the tree that follows is critical to the success of the tree. We are determined to educate schools on this by having the students, staff, and maintenance crews be an integral part of not only the planting itself, but also the education that informs them on how to care for their new trees in the long term.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions before proceeding with the application.
Terms and Conditions

* The Trees For Schools program is based in the Greater Phoenix area. Schools outside this geographic region fall
outside of the program's scope and will not be considered for planting projects.

* Special consideration will be considered regarding schools that are located in areas with less tree canopy and
contain vulnerable communities. We will also consider applications by the order they are received. We now have a tree
prioritization map created by Maricopa County Public Health and will prioritize schools that fall in the red area and are
Title I.

Link to map:

*For each application season, we will only notify applicants that have been selected for planting projects.

*Plantings will occur in the Fall and Spring as these are the best time to plant trees.
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