Resist. Rouge Forum 2017 Proposal Submission
Rouge Forum 2017

St. Louis University
St. Louis, MO
June 23-24

Proposal Deadline: April 15, 2017

Shocks to democracy demand resistance. However, in order to withstand successive jolts against reason, networks of intersectional interests must emerge. As such, the conference theme for the 2017 Rouge Forum is Resist. At this year’s conference, we hope to engage activists, students, educators, and scholars in a discussion of ways to leverage classrooms, schools, and higher education institutions to actively resist the overt assault on marginalized communities, the rise of nationalism, and the delegitimization of critical thought. We intend to demonstrate the importance of “place” in resistance by using St. Louis as a site that illustrates how activism, organization, and intersectionality can challenge a corrupt democracy.

As in previous years, the conference experience is designed in ways where attendance means more than just presenting and listening. Sessions are structured in ways that enable meaningful conversations between attendees and presenters; facilitate the sharing of ideas and experiences; and help forge new networks working together for justice. Discussions are encouraged to address at least one of the following themes:

Dignity of Work and Workers
Economic Equity and Justice
Indigeneity in the 21st Century
Intersections of Identity and Society
Activism in K-12/Higher Education
Human Rights, Responsibilities, and Relations
Reciprocity and Solidarity in the Pursuit of Human Dignity
Respect for the Earth, Nature, and Nonhuman Animals
Session Types:

Fire Lightings - 90 Minute Sessions

In place of the traditional paper presentations, we are initiating a new and (we hope) more engaging and social format of powerful, short presentations followed by more intimate and inclusive conversations. A 250-500 word abstract of the panel discussion will be peer reviewed for acceptance to the conference. Proposals should include the core question you will pose for discussion in your talking circle.

The Format of the Fire Lighting Presentations is as Follows:
Rapid-Fire Talks: 10 minute presentations concentrated on a theme. The purpose of these quick fire presentations is to open up the rest of the session to discussion around questions posed by the presenters. In their final slides, presenters will pose a core question that they would like to consider with conference attendees.

Talking Circles: Following the presentations, speakers will have assigned break-out tables to discuss, collaborate, network, and problem solve on the question that they posed. This break out is intended to provide more intimate involvement by attendees, and to foster rich discussions, generate ideas, and foster relationships in ways that empower attendees to share their experiences with each other and the speakers.

Non-Traditional Formats - 90 Minute Sessions

Proposals such as workshops, performances, video and multimedia presentations, and round-table dialogues, are also encouraged. We also welcome proposals for the organization of special interest groups. A 250-500 word abstract of the panel discussion will be peer reviewed for acceptance to the conference.

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