Soul Searching Adventure Application
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How did you hear about me/Soul Searching Adventures?
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Have you ever backpacked (camped out of a pack for days on end) before? If so, how far in how long? (This is not a prerequisite to be clear)
What is your fitness level?
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Do you have any injuries? If so, what?
Why do you want to go on this adventure?
How comfortable are you with having deep conversations with other men?
It makes me extremely uncomfortable
I'm an emotional jedi master
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What is holding you back from your next level of development?
What would you like more clarity on in your life?
Based on the description of this event in the email do you have any concerns for yourself?
After filling out this application, you will have the option of scheduling a short discovery call with me. One thing I'm looking for in prospective participants is a level of emotional openness and courage. To that end, I would like you to spend 10 minutes doing an exercise before our call together. Please find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted (if possible). Meditate for a few minutes if you have the time. Finally, complete these sentences in as much detail as you care to go in: My soul longs for....  and my soul longs for more... (You don't have to answer it in this application. Just do it on your own before our call).
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