PACE 2017 - Track A
To register, you must be the corresponding team member for your team. There must be exactly one corresponding team member per team.

After you submit this form, a link to edit this form will be emailed to you. Preserve this link so that you can later add preliminary and final versions of your program. If you lost the edit link, simply submit the form again.

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Full names and affiliations of all team members, one per line and including yourself
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Which challenge do you plan to participate in?
Do you have any comments?
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Do you have any special software requirements?
Please list any software you might need that is not available in Debian jessie (e.g., Java 8, boost, sage). If you have any such requirements, we encourage you to provide a Dockerfile along with your submission
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What is the URL of your (preliminary / final) git repository?
By March 1st, add the URL of some git repository here to indicate a preliminary version (it does not have to be hosted on github and can be a secret URL). By May 1st, add the URL of your final submission (which must be hosted on github).
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The commit id of your final submission
By May 1st, 2017, upload your submission to github and add the commit id of your final submission here.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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