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Don't even THINK about hiring an editor until you read this !!!

So... you've finished your novel, memoir, (or other writing project), and now you have a pile of paper, sore hands (from typing!) and no clue where to turn to or who to believe in. You can't decide between finding an agent, submitting it yourself, or maybe even self-publishing... not to mention getting a professional edit!

No more sleepless nights worrying about what to do next. You have found a unique opportunity: get a PROFESSIONAL edit at a fraction of the cost of the fees in the market today. There are editors who charge $0.008... $0.012... even $0.02 per word! That's a lot of cash to lay out, especially for those really long manuscripts... but even a modest 200-page novella (50,000 words) could require up to $1,000 just to make sure it's ready for submission! You have bills to pay – mouths to feed – more bills to pay – don't choose an editor blindly. Also, don't get lost in the shuffle – the number of projects an editor juggles could leave your manuscript with very little personal attention paid to it.

My name is Michael Caricofe, I'm an experienced editor and published author and I will edit your manuscript for next to nothing! (Keep reading to find out why...)

I have over three years of solid experience in editing book-length manuscripts on a freelance basis. I have literally edited over 12 MILLION words!

I will provide for you a comprehensive and exhaustive edit of your manuscript, including a full line edit, notes on flow and consistency, character development, dialogue – notes from spelling and grammar all the way to overarching story and plot. I will include helpful, detailed notes for any clarifications and/or potential improvements. My attention to detail is absolute. I will also correlate your novel to Joseph Campbell's mythical “Hero's Journey” if applicable. Issues with consistency in tone, plot, character development, and style are also noted.

You don't have to know your participles from your gerunds, or your inflected forms from your pluperfect – I'll make sure your language is correct without interrupting your flow or affecting your voice. Above all, I will strive to make your creation shine as it deserves to... all to prepare it for the next crucial step: submitting to agents or publishers. You will end up with a polished, professional manuscript that you will be proud to submit to agents or publishers. No more worrying about language and appearance.

“How do I know you're for real?”
Simple. I'm offering a free, no obligation five-page sample edit (1,250 words). That way you'll see how I work, my editing notes, how the process works. If you like what you see in the sample edit, simply forward the deposit amount and your manuscript at the appropriate time. I'll let you know how many authors are ahead of you in line, and ask for you to send your manuscript when your spot comes up. Once I receive your manuscript, your edit will be completed in 5 days or less (slightly longer for manuscripts of over 100,000 words).
“Yes, but how much will this cost me?"

> > > ONLY US$0.004 per word!!!  (Less than half a penny a word, or $4 per thousand!) < < <

I only require a 50% deposit when you send your manuscript. If not totally satisfied, you pay nothing more!

How can I offer such a low rate? AND a half-price guarantee??

Simple. First and foremost, I guarantee satisfaction because I have an excellent track record.

Some comments from previous clients:

  • “The best editor I've ever worked with!” – Amanda C.
  • “These comments are GREAT; thanks!  You've caught a lot of points that I didn't see because I was 'too close' to this.  I'm taking most of your questions and expanding to preemptively answer them in the document.  Thanks again for your absolute thoroughness, Michael!” – David B.

I know my stuff, and I can back it up. Further, if you get your manuscript back and are completely, totally dissatisfied, I will even refund your deposit! There is literally NOTHING to lose!!

I'm going to be totally honest with you:

As to the low rate: I have a lot of time on my hands. I miss editing and helping authors develop and prosper. I presently have an unfortunate and uncomfortable position. I am incarcerated. This gives me an abundance of time and a reduced need for money. My loss equals YOUR gain! As mentioned previously, I'm a published author. Sadly, all my books on Amazon were pulled due to my present situation. Therefore, I'll have to ask you to trust me.

“How do I know this isn't some elaborate scam?”
Because you have literally NOTHING to lose (except for a few minutes of time and some postage), and EVERYTHING to gain. I ask for the deposit to keep out the looky-loos; I am so confident in my skills that I feel deposit refunds will be small to non-existent. (You even have the PayPal Purchase Protection Plan, where they'd reimburse you for the full purchase price, subject to their terms and limitations, in the ultra-rare case of a dispute.)

Wait. The postage it costs to mail your manuscript to me. That's it. That's the only cost you know you can't get back.

But I'm willing to bet that you'll pay the balance after you see the care and compassion with which I treat your manuscript. As an author, I know how hard it is to release your baby into the harsh, cruel world. That's why I take extra care in my comments to respectfully honor your talent and to encourage you and make your work shine as brilliantly as possible.


The longer you put this off, the longer you'll have to wait to get your manuscript professionally edited – pay nothing now, but reserve your spot. Unlike some other editors, I only work on one manuscript at a time, so your project gets my FULL attention. But I only have so much time, so it's first come, first served.

I'm only reserving seats for the next 25 authors, so hurry before you miss this unbeatable opportunity!

P.S. – Remember, it costs NOTHING to reserve your spot and get a FREE sample edit. And even after paying the deposit, you have literally NOTHING to lose!

P.P.S. – Also, the five-page free sample edit is no-cost, no obligation, and did I mention FREE?

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