Halloween 2022 Showcase Application - Read All Items Carefully Before Applying

The showcase is October 15, 7pm - Dress Rehearsal will be at 8:45 on October 14. If you are unable to attend dress rehearsal, you must arrange another time that week to do a dress rehearsal run, but ability to attend dress rehearsal is preferable. Please ensure your costumes are in by early this week so you can do a test run before the official rehearsal.

You must use the lights in the studio (colored rope lights, spotlights, and black lights) or get special approval to use any extra lighting. No strobe/flashing lights or smoke machines will be allowed. Everyone must to a lighting pre-run before dress rehearsal with Sarah or someone on the lighting team, preferably in costume.

Music should preferably be under 4 minutes. If you have a special cut or mix, please note that. Music cuts must be turned in on time, more details to follow.

Costume choices must be made carefully so that there are no "malfunctions" of wardrobe. This will not be a family showcase, but please still keep in mind that our showcases are about art, skill, and creativity, not simply showing off our bodies. Basically, sexy is fine, but make sure nothing falls out so as to distract from your craft. And remember that the theme of the showcase is Halloween. All props must be pre-approved. 

All pieces must be well-prepared by the week of the show. We already have people planning to work very hard, and we want to select acts that represent careful planning and rehearsals. Please begin rehearsing your pieces now - the larger the group or more intricate your performance, the more you should be rehearsing. We are looking for all levels of performers, but we want to see preparation. We are not looking for perfection, just something you have worked hard on and are proud of as a finished product.

We will also need information about where performers are at all times for proper light and music queues, and so that we can ensure our cameras catch all of your performances. We are making further upgrades to our video system so that we can put out a high quality video product going forward. Head Lights, Camera, and/or Music operators may need to see your piece more than once prior to the show to get systems in place. We are always striving to create a more professional show from a backstage technical standard so your work ahead of time helps us do our jobs better.

The theme for this showcase is simply Halloween, or anything spooky, scary, etc. It can reflect any number of emotions, but the audience should be able to understand why this piece is in a Halloween showcase. We want a showcase that has a variety of performances, but still clearly reflects the running theme. If you are having trouble trying to figure out how to make your piece fit with the show, save it for another show or try to think of another idea. We will have many showcases.

We will have extra open gym time leading up to the showcase. Everyone selected for the showcase may purchase open gym time at the $10 rate for Phoenix Level (16+ class) members. Students may also rent the studio for $45 for one person, $25 each for 2-6 people. Email Sarah about these purchases. info@phoenixfitnessanddance.com Private lessons are also available from various instructors at the rate of $55 per hour or $200 for a pack of 4 for a single person. Talk to us for duo private rates. PLEASE make sure you take advantage of these to prepare, as there is less time for this showcase.

Please answer each question to the best of your ability. If you are unsure, you may put TBA, or several ideas that you may have. If you only want to be in the instructor piece or pieces, please use N/A. The more information you can provide, the more likely you are to be selected.

If you are interested in performing in an instructor-choreographed piece, please fill out the questions at the bottom to be considered. We will take as may people as possible, but please understand there are many factors that go into casting a piece, and we cannot guarantee anyone a spot.

Applications will be open through August 21.  Lineup will be emailed to all who applied as soon as possible.

Please keep your eyes out for important emails regarding showcase updates all the way up to the showcase date. We will have some sort of post-performance party. You may want to keep a link to this form to have all of this information available to you.
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