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For questions received at the back up desk or through personal email or phone. Not for consultations, chat or ask.gerstein interactions.
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Definitions for question 3
In-depth reference - Interactions that require library resources or expertise, including quick topic or subject searches.

Quick questions/lookup/referral - involves locating a known item or a referral to a service point or staff member within or outside the library or confirming whether a specific service exists and where. Also includes facilities, privileges and hours.

Directional - Simple and quick point-the-way questions, both on and off campus. Where are the bathrooms? Where is study room 2105? Where is the MADLab? How do I get to the Toronto Reference Library?

Technical - involves facilitating or troubleshooting the use of physical equipment or technology. Typically, begins with "how do I...?". Examples: How do I print here? Stapler is out of staples. I can't connect to the WiFi.

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