NSWA Mentorship Program Application
NSWA’s Mentorship Program fosters knowledge-sharing and community among our members by pairing up people within our organization to share career advice and grow in their professions.

To participate in the year-long program (beginning June 23), you must be a member of NSWA, but you can be at any stage in your career. You may be new to science writing, shifting from career journalism to freelance writing, formulating a book proposal, or embarking on a new career adventure.

You are welcome to apply to be a mentor, mentee, both mentor and mentee, or as an accountability partner. While these relationships are all tailored to and by the people within them, they all require a mutual commitment to be successful.

This program is flexible and member-driven. Once you are paired in a suitable match, we simply ask that you  communicate with your mentor/mentee a few times.

We attempt to pair mentors, mentees and accountability partners based on similar goals, interests, and occupations. Mentors typically critique stories and offer professional development advice. Mentor/mentee pairs can choose to meet virtually or in person.

There will be an initial virtual meeting of all the Mentoring Program participants on June 23. Then, pairs will decide for themselves how often they wish to communicate with one another.

** A mentor is someone who would like to coach or guide a person who is interested in changing careers or is new to the field. This may look like—among other things—fielding technical questions, reviewing cover letters, or discussing career planning.
** A mentee is someone who would like guidance from a mentor who has more experience in a particular career or aspect of science writing. The mentee may be new to science writing or already experienced in one area and looking to transition or expand into another. Mentees should have an idea of the types of things they want to work on, or talk about.
** An accountability partner pairing is a partnership where each member mutually agrees to coach and support each other, keep each other on track and committed to individually identified goals, while providing feedback on along the way. 
** Someone who elects to be both a mentor and mentee is signing up to participate in two separate relationships, as described above.

Questions? Contact NSWA board member Michael Bradbury at mentorship@nwscience.org.

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