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Rank yourself on 9 measures pertaining to data, visualization and society.
Use this scale for reference:

Level 0: Novice (little or no exposure to this topic)

Level 1: Learning (aware of the basic concepts and interested to know more)

Level 2: Beginning (taken a course or begun applying examples)

Level 3: Intermediate (understand and applying these techniques)

Level 4: Advanced (regularly apply, and feel comfortable extending, teaching or explaining)

Level 5: Expert (This is something you’re extremely passionate about. You feel you’re amazing at this topic and put a lot of time and energy on continual advancement.)
Data collection - Scraping or obtaining data that is not provided in an easy format
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Data cleaning - Tidying data to make it easier to work with
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Data analysis - Modeling data to discover new information
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Building - Creating data visualizations using code or tools
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Design - Evaluating needs, and creating visual concepts
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Storytelling - Creating compelling narratives
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Project management - Planning and organizing work
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Community - Participating in events and conversation
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Leadership - Influencing the direction
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