WPTA USA-Missouri Master Classes
World Piano Teachers Association USA-Missouri hosts master classes with Alexander Kobrin and Rachel Naomi Kudo. The master class with Alexander Kobrin is on 10/16 2pm US Central via Zoom and the master class with Rachel Naomi Kudo is on 11/20 2pm US Central via Zoom. The application fee is $80 (non-refundable).

1. Due date and Eligibility
Applications are due 10/01/2021 for Alexander Kobrin and 11/10 for Rachel Naomi Kudo with a YouTube video link of the audition performance (unlisted). 7th grade to doctoral students are eligible to apply.​​

2. Requirement 
The piece to be performed at the master class should be the same as that provided with the application video. Once submitted, students are not allowed changing their repertoire for the master class.

The video should be recorded within the last 4 months. For fairness of the audition process, please do not show the students' or teachers' name on YouTube channel. It has to be anonymous; videos showing names will be disqualified. 

If accepted, each student will have a 30 min slot for the master class. Please select your piece accordingly. One movement from a larger work is acceptable. Students' own compositions are not acceptable.

3. Admission
All students and teachers who apply for the master class audition will get to observe the master class free of charge. 

4. Payment

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