Winter 2018 Team Application Form
Thank you for your interest in Foundations Choreography! Please answer the questions below to complete your application. We will accept applicants on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis, so it is important you submit this app ASAP.

If you are slightly interested or hesitant about auditions, apply and audition anyway! You will have one week to decide whether you would like to continue on a Foundations Choreography team or not.
DROP DATE is Tuesday, January 23rd (1/23).

Read the event description below and see you at auditions!

----- Event Overview -----

Wednesday, January 10th OR Thursday, January 11th - AUDITIONS (mandatory, please attend one of the audition days):
No make-up days can be arranged.
‣ Location: Bruin Plaza @6PM
‣‣‣ REGISTRATION STARTS at 6PM! Teaching (the Audition Piece) begins at 7PM! Auditions take place after teaching is completed.

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Note: practices are normally 6-8 hours a week. Please let us know by the drop deadline if you are able to commit.
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We do not admit people based on having prior experience. This is just for us to know what you can bring to the team! It's OK if you have none, that's what Foundations is here for!
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(FOR MINORS) If you are under 18, please provide the e-signature of a parent or legal guardian approving your participation in Foundations Choreography's Fall Teams.
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By submitting this application, I agree that Foundations Choreography is neither liable nor financially responsible for my participation in Foundations Choreography events. This includes but is not limited to transportation costs, parking tickets, injuries, and lost, stolen, or damaged property. I also agree to have my pictures and videos taken and released by Foundations Choreography. *
If you do not agree with these terms, you will not be able to participate in Foundations Choreography.
By submitting this application, I agree that upon being placed on a team Foundations Choreography reserves the right to dismiss individuals who do not fulfill the requirements as outlined by the team's syllabus. *
By submitting this application, I allow Foundations Choreography to use my image and my likeness for marketing purposes *
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