Hurley Spinal Adjustment Technique Interest Form
Please fill out this form if you're interested in learning this technique and are interested in purchasing the DVD training when we make it available again.

The Hurley technique is a non-invasive, subtle-energy, spine and body alignment technique. It is remarkable for pain, neck and back mobility, headaches, and issues with posture, flexibility and circulation.

This is a technique that I've been wanting to learn for many years now. Having the ability to adjust / align our own family members body's after an injury / fall or as they grow or if they're struggling with chronic or acute health issues - is such a powerful tool to know! Dr. Adamsom says that out of all the techniques he knows, if he were to choose only one he could take with him when he dies, it'd be the Hurley technique. 

The cost for the DVD training is $185. This includes the DVD training set and the Hurley training book.

I'll be in touch!


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