Senior - October 2019
Seniors - Conover Company and College Applications - Due October 31
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UB requires all seniors to apply to at least four colleges. If you have not already done this, please apply as part of tutoring this month.
You will find most college applications online. DO NOT PAY FEES TO APPLY! You were given fee waivers in September that can be used in place of payment.
What colleges have you fully applied to (meaning you have sent in all required materials in order to be considered for acceptance)? *
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Have you been accepted to any of these schools, yet? Which ones have you heard back from? *
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UB will be using the Conover Company for several tutoring assignments this year. Go to Log in with your email address (the one you gave us in last spring's summer survey) and the password Deub*
If your login does not work, contact UB staff for assistance.

Spend time thinking about each question so that you are given an accurate analysis. Future assignments will stem from your results on this survey.
Complete the Personal Skills Map section and answer the following questions after reviewing your results.
What skills do you need to develop? In what area was your lowest score? *
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What skills do you need to strengthen? *
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What areas were strengths for you? *
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Do you agree with the results of this assessment? If not, do you feel you spent enough time on it and answered the questions truthfully? *
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Feel free to spend more time on Conover this month if you'd like. This program will prescribe trainings for you in the areas you need to work on.
UB September Evaluation
If you attended the September Session, please answer these questions below.
Rate the September Challenge Session (tour of Fairmont State University) on a scale of 1 to 5.
I did not enjoy it at all and I did not learn anything at this Session.
I very much enjoyed this Session and learned a lot.
What suggestions do you have for future sessions? What topics would be particularly helpful to you?
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What WV colleges would you like to tour or receive more information on?
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