Game Master Summer 2020 Season Sign-Up Form for 3 Gear Games
We are now looking for Game Masters to sign up for our 3 Month Summer RPG Season Campaign.
(June 2020 - August 2020.) GMs will be able to run any RPG of their choice (within reason), at least once a week. We will also be taking care of the advertising for your game and finding players for your game. At this time games are set to run online. Should we resume normal operating hours in our physical location, you will have the choice of continuing your game online or in-store.

3 Gear Games seasons program is a great way for players to join in new games every 3 months and gives GMs the freedom to change games and/or cleanly finish running their game. Feel free to run your game though our Discord server -
or another platform such as
Roll 20 -
Fantasy Grounds -
etc and Stewart will be on hand to answer your questions.

- We will send you an email to let you know if/when your game will be added to the schedule.
- We also will ask for players that are able to, to continue to help support our program and pick up a $5 play pass, though we understand the current economic situation and its more on an honor system.

We do ask all GMs to have a session 0. In session 0., you can go over with your players the characters and go over player's boundaries, preferred pronouns etc.. We ask that all GMs go over the X card. The X card is used by players to signal the GM in a discrete way, should the game become uncomfortable for any reason. GMs can then back up or change direction so everyone is enjoying the game.

For online games please let your players know they can send you a PM to notify you if the game or another player is becoming uncomfortable. We ask everyone to read and follow 3 Gear Studios codes of conduct.

Please note that we will do our best to fill your game and promote them across our social media sites, even so some games are easier to fill than others and may fail to launch. If that is the case we will notify you. We will begin player sign ups next Monday 5/10/20 for our Patreon patreons and the following Monday 5/17/20 for the general public. If this is a continuing game, your players already in your game will have the first shot. We highly suggest that any friends that you have that are interested in being in your game, for you to encourage them to sign up for it, and share your games signup link with your social network.

-First time GMs are also encouraged to apply.

Please Fill Out The Form Below:
3 Gear Games Summer 2020 RPG GM Sign Ups
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