Studio B Workgroup ExCo Application Spring2018)

WOBC-FM’s Live From Studio B is a live performance program featuring local and touring artists that’s broadcast, filmed, recorded, and released on Every semester, the Studio B staff offers a small group of students and community members a series of short, introductory workshops in a highly collaborative learning environment through the Studio B Workgroup ExCo. You’ll help us run our program by assisting at live sessions and completing a final project of your own design that promotes, benefits, and/or uses the resources of Studio B. We can’t promise that you'll all be professional videographers and engineers after taking our course, but you’ll gain plenty of hands-on experience and insight into one of Oberlin's most unique student-run programs!

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS! You do NOT need to be a WOBC DJ or Oberlin College student to apply, and no experience of any kind is necessary! Spots are limited, so we encourage you to fill this out as thoughtfully as you can, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions or additional info by emailing!

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All workgroupers will be required to complete a final project of their own design for Studio B by the end of the semester (either individually or with a small group). This could be anything that promotes, benefits, or uses the resources of Studio B and requires some of your independent time and effort. We STRONGLY encourage any kind of collaboration with other campus groups, departments, community organizations, etc.!
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