CompEdCenter Affiliated Faculty Member Application
Please fill out this form to request "Affiliated Faculty Member" status with the Center for Innovation in Computing Education and Outreach.

To apply to join the CompEdCenter, a faculty member must be active in computing education research or outreach. Faculty are associated not necessarily by their professional background, but by the active projects they are working on. Thus, the application is based primarily on the project that is submitted, not by the applicant's department, school, tenure status, etc.

If you have questions about the application, or about the project you would like to submit for consideration, please contact Mark Sherriff (

From the Center's Notice of Establishment: Faculty who wish to be involved or affiliated with the Center must be engaged in a project or activity that is consistent with the Center’s goals. Such faculty will be known as Affiliated Faculty Members and will be so listed on the Center’s website and in other publications. A potential Affiliated Faculty Member will submit a brief description of their project(s) to the Director, who will review it with the Steering Committee. If the project or activity is deemed to be appropriate, the Affiliated Faculty Member must agree to supply a description of the project for the Center to publicize, to disseminate the project’s results, to provide an annual update of the project’s status, and to make work-products, publications, etc. available through the Center’s website (as appropriate). Projects and members that are inactive may be retired from the Center’s website etc. based on the Steering Committee's recommendation.
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