Mama thai 11 Table Reservation
歡迎來到 Mama thai 11 訂位流程的步驟 1.填寫「訂位需求」表單。
Welcome to Mama thai 11, please follow the steps to complete your reservation.

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訂位流程說明 Booking Process *
我們完整的訂位流程包含:步驟 1.填寫"訂位需求表"→ 步驟 2. Mama thai 11"專人致電聯繫"→ 步驟 3. Mama thai 11 寄發"訂位確認通知E-mail"→ 步驟 4. 三分之一(1/3)訂金匯款"(訂位完成)。1. Please fill out the booking form. 2. We will contact you after receiving your reservation. 3. Get a confirmation email and please prepay one-third(1/3) deposit to complete the reservation.
用餐日期 Date *
僅接受用餐日前三個月內預定(例如:12/31用餐,最早訂位日期為10/1之後) 。另外每週一固定公休,不便之處請見諒。 We only accept reservations within three months and we are closed on Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience.
用餐時段 Time *
1. 下午餐 Afternoon ( 14:00-17:00 ) 2. 晚餐 Dinner ( 19:00-22:00 )
用餐人數 Number of Guests ? *
人數最少 4 人,最多 14 人,孩童如能獨自用餐,即能坐 1 大人位,視為 1 人計費 。The number at least 4 up to 14, we take a child as one if he/she can have meals by himself/herself.
您的姓名 Full Name *
請填真實姓名 。 Please fill your real full name.
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電子信箱 E-mail *
寄發"訂位確認通知E-mail"之用。 The email address is for the confirmation email.
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連絡電話 Phone Number *
手機請直接填寫號碼 ;市話請加區碼,如:(02)87732511。Fill your mobile number, or local phone number with area code);國外請加國碼,如中國大陸地區請在號碼前加"+86"。Please add your country code if you don't have a domestic phone number. Ex:if you're from Mainland China, please add"+86" before your number.
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用餐目的 Reservation Type *
特殊需求 Special Request
如辣度調整;吃素或不吃牛、豬、海鮮等;需準備兒童椅;自行帶酒。提醒:地址位於三樓無電梯,行動不便需協助者可提前告知 。Please informe us in advance the level of spiciness you can accept or if you are a vegetarian or allergic to certain food. (Notice: Our location is on third floor with no elevator so it might be inconvenient for physically challenged people and if you need any help please also let us know first.)
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消費方式 Payment *
消費方式目前只收現金,不便之處還請見諒。We only accept cash and sorry for the inconvenience.
消費優惠 Promotional event
店內酒水消費9折優惠!We provide 10% off for all alcoholic drinks !
個資使用說明 Personal information protection *
Mama thai 11 保留本活動一切相關權利。依個資法條款,茲同意 Mama thai 11 得蒐集、處理、利用您提供之資料。您亦可隨時致電或來信本公司要求停止前述之資料使用。Mama thai 11 reserve the right to change rules and conditions. According to the Personal Information Protection Act that permits Mamathai 11 to collect, process, and use these personal informations. You can call or email us for stop using these informations at any time.
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