Student ELC Test Accommodation Request Form
Please complete this form for each test you plan to take in the Experiential Learning Commons. Adding your name below confirms understanding of Brevard College Honor/Academic Integrity Codes Student Affirmation:

“I agree to respect the integrity, ideas, and property of the College community, fellow students, faculty, and staff, by refraining from acts such as plagiarism, cheating, theft, harassment, and abusive language or behavior. I further agree to abide by the academic policies of the institution as outlined in the College Catalog and the Social Code maintained by the Division of Campus Life and the Honor Council.”

The professor will be notified of your request and will relay approval for date/time and test details to the Office of Student Accessibility & Disability Services. ( If open notes are allowed for your test, these must be printed in advance since phones and access to the internet are not allowed during testing.)

*Note: The ELC Study Rooms are monitored via security camera during testing sessions.
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Are you requesting the same time that the class is scheduled to take the test? (If no, please contact the professor to explain why you need to take the test at a different time. The instructor must grant permission). *
Other Accommodation Needs (*up to 1.5 extra time in a low distraction space is automatically applied unless your accommodation plan allows more time. *If notes are approved for your test, these must be printed in advance as access to the internet or phones are not allowed).
Test proctoring is reserved for students with a disability or temporary impairment who have registered with the Office of Student Accessibility and Disability Services for the current semester. Students who utilize the ELC Testing Center are expected to follow these guidelines: 1. For all tests/exams proctored in the ELC, an online Test Accommodation Request Form must be completed online at least three business days before the test/exam. Once the form is submitted, a verification form is automatically sent to the professor who must approve the test date/time and provide test details. When forms are submitted late, a reasonable effort will be made to provide accommodated testing; however, there is no guarantee that this will be possible or that the requested time or date will be an option.2. Students should request to take their tests during the same time as the class. An alternate test time/date may be requested only if the approved extra time accommodation cannot be achieved during the regular class test time because of a school-related scheduling conflict. The professor must approve any exceptions.3. Students should arrive five minutes before the start of testing. The clock starts ticking at the scheduled time. Students who arrive late may have that amount of time deducted from their total test time. 4. During testing, students will be allowed to use only the items that their professor has approved. Students are to supply their own test/exam materials such as pens/pencils or approved calculators. 5. Students are required to leave all non-test related items with the proctor. The only exceptions are medications and proctor-approved drinks and snacks. Cell phones, smartwatches, or any other device that uses wifi or GSM signals will not be allowed in the testing room. 6. Scratch paper must be returned to the proctor with the test. 7. A proctor via surveillance camera with 24/7 playback capability will be monitoring the testing room to minimize the risk that any student will engage in behavior that would constitute an unfair advantage. Professors may review the test session video. 8. If taking an online test, students must keep their person and/or screen visible to the proctor or to the security camera at all times. Students may not access any information or materials not authorized directly by the professor. 8. Students should take care of any bathroom needs before the test/exam begins. If a student needs an emergency bathroom break during testing, they are required to inform the proctor. The test responses prior to the break may be copied for the professor as reference. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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