KYCIG Workshop Host Application

The Kenya Youth Convening on Internet Governance is a national, annual forum where youth engage in internet governance topics and join discussions with experts and their peers.

Numerous 18-25 year olds are the first generation of adults to grow up without knowing the world without the Internet. They are some of the people who are working most heavily by those who do not have Internet access. Young people are shaping the online culture in many ways. They use the Internet to meet people around the world, to create videos that go viral, they create art that moves us, and they start and stand behind online social movements that make us think. They are building the Internet of their dreams. And yet when it comes to political discussions, most of them are not on the table. There is a need to change that.
By educating young people on issues such as Internet Governance, privacy and security, and what it would take to connect the world, we are creating the next generation of Internet leaders.
The first Kenya Youth Internet Governance Convening will be in April 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya.
Main Theme: The Youth in shaping Kenya’s Digital Future
Benefits of the Kenya Youth Convening on Internet Governance (KYCIGh):-
1. An opportunity to get introduced to Internet Governance/ increase your knowledge in Internet Governance
2. Certificate of Participation for attendees
3. An opportunity to interact with other youth in the Internet Governance arena
4. An opportunity for future collaboration with Digital Grassroots and Internet Society Kenya
5. A networking opportunity
6. Certificates and letters of recommendation for workshop hosts
7. An opportunity to polish up on your public speaking skills
8. An opportunity to share your articles, experience or story of the convening on the Digital Grassroots Website

Objectives of the Kenya Youth Convening on Internet Governance
• Build the capacity of young adults to participate in internet governance discussion
• Encourage youth to attend and bring contribution to actual internet governance discussion
• Provide platform for cultivating idea to drive social change and further actualizing the initiative for a healthy and harmonious internet
• Develop youth network on internet governance

1. You must have a keen interest in Internet Governance
2. You must have prior experience in the Internet Governance arena
3. You must be between 18-29 years old in April 2018
4. You must prepare a 2-3 page proposal on your workshop
5. You must be able to travel to Nairobi to host the workshop in April
6. Your topic must be on an Internet Governance topic crucial to Kenya e.g. Access, Cyber security etc.

Duties of workshop hosts:-
• Be inclusive and foster new connections between participants
• Respect diversity of opinion, religion, experience and background
• Respect your time allocation, plan to maximize the use of the time available
• Invite different organizations or projects to collaborate on the workshop with you
• Submit a session summary report within 2 weeks after the convening
• Foster collaborative discussion among the participants and panellists; therefore we encourage proposals that foster interactive dialogues
• While there is no strict upper limit of workshop submission from each organizer, we strongly encourage each organizer to focus on submitting quality proposals to enhance the chance to be selected.

Evaluation Criteria
I) Weight and relevance
Are the specific issues to be spoken about in the proposal clearly correlated to the designated sub-theme and relevant to the principal theme of the 2018 Kenya Youth Convening on Internet Governance?
II) Precision
Does the proposal provide all information fully of the issues of intended discussion?
III) Inclusion and Diversity
Does the proposed workshop / session represent standpoints from multiple stakeholders and provide diverse geographical, economic, gender and cultural outlooks?
IV) Engagement & Involvement
Does the session workshop host provided particulars of how the session will be run to promote discussion and engagement from the audience?

Event Timing: April 14th, 2018

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