Live Class Survey - First Class Is Free
I'm creating a community! Keep in mind classes will be in the USA PST time zone. Your feedback will help me create my live class offerings. Your first class is FREE for helping me out!

Thank you!
Robbie Downey @balletfreak

PS- I am now on TikTok @academyfordance and Instagram @balletfreak and @academyfordance
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Would you like the option to turn your screen on and be seen by me so I can watch periodically and give corrections? Other students can see you as well but not really if they are taking class =) *
If there are too many people with screens on would you be okay with me selecting a set amount of dancers to be screen on? Hopefully a non-issue but if so I'd try to be fair and alternate. *
How long would you like the barre class to be? Keep in mind we can't really do center with people joining from home. We can do some things in place like turns but class will mainly be barre. Keep in mind you should start logging in 15 minutes prior. *
Would you like extra time after to chat and ask questions? *
Would you still like the extra chat time if the price of the class was a tad higher for more time? *
How many classes would you do per week on average? *
Does recording or not recording the class affect your decision to enroll? *
Does offering only a monthly unlimited plan affect your decision to enroll if the price is GREAT? *
What enrollment fee would fit your budget per class or for monthly unlimited? Keep in mind we may chat after or do Q&A. I will give corrections to those I can see. *
Would you be interested in private or semi-private lessons via zoom? *
What best describes you or your child? *
Would you like other hangouts included in the unlimited monthly so we can all chat about dance topics and do Q & A? Members only =) *
Why are you interested in these live classes? *
What is your favorite ballet? *
What is your biggest struggle in dance? *
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